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About DDC Capital

DDC Capital is an entrepreneurial European financial advisory practice operating in Continental Europe on behalf of our Global Clients and Partners. We are a unit of the DDC Financial Group. 

We offer our clients unique access to One on One Meeting Platform at each of our specialized Investment Summits held multiple times yearly. This ensures our Clients have regular and frequent opportunities to meeting face to face with potential investors in a structured and professional setting.


One of DDC Capital's core strengths are our relationships with an extensive and ever-expanding global investor network of over 500 family offices, institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

DDC Capital is not a brokerage firm. 


 Opportunity to invest with private equity professionals to acquire established businesses


 Opportunity to invest or lend to businesses or assets

Real Estate

 Opportunity to acquire real estate assets


 Opportunity to invest with professional turnaround investors


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